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Onyx is a favorite mineral formed in the place of hot springs. Natural stone looks elegant and lots of designers like it.

Each plate of onyx is unique. It has an exclusive and whimsical drawings in the manufacturing. These plates can be combined and the result is to abstract artwork.

However, there are a lot of benefits.

The pros

Onyx products have many positive aspects. That`s why it is often chosen for creation a unique luxury interior.

The advantages include:

  • A long period of using Onyx is resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion. Onyx for many years and will retain their flawless appearance.

  • Plasticity. Due to this properties, natural stone can make a product of any complexity. It should also be noted that the mineral can be polished easily and acquires its original luster.
  • The moisture resistance. Structure of a mineral is quite tight, so moisture it practically does not absorb.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes.
  • Versatility. Onyx perfectly complements the interior of any room, whether living room or bathroom.

The beauty of onyx in the interior

Onyx, which you can buy in Kiev Royal Stone company, is actively used today in building homes, offices, classrooms, and beyond. Here you can buy Onyx (Kiev) almost any color: red, brown, orange, pink, amber and ets.

Thanks to the wide color palette, ability to transmit light and incredible fancy patterns, onyx can transform recognition for any room. Lightning Onyx – the lights will give an incredible glow effect. Royal Stone company produces excellent products from this mineral.

Onyx sink looks very effective, modern and elegant. Highlight the plumbing, we are able to create a special intimate atmosphere in the interior.

Not uncommon and countertops made of onyx. They are usually also equipped with a backlight to emphasize the beauty of the gem. These tops are resistant to moisture, strong and durable.

Tables, bar counters, walls and columns made from stone is not less attractive.

Where you can buy it?

If you want to become owner of high-quality onyx , you`ll give preference to a reliable company with an impeccable reputation.

Royal Stone yours. We have an impeccable reputation and a large list of regular customers. We offer a wide range of material.

Natural stone supplies from Europe and Asia. Own production is located in Kiev. We products produced on modern equipment, using innovative technology in stone processing.

We guarantee the execution of works on time (a few days), the high quality of our products and affordable prices. Onyx with impeccable properties you can buy in our company.