Artificial quartzite

Artificial quartzite is a modern stone of industrial production, which is produced by combining different powders, cohesive elements and pigments. These items are cement or polyester resin.

This stone is a very popular in many countries for long time. He is represented in various textures and colors. It gives you the opportunity do not limit the embodiment of design ideas.

The main advantage of the quartzite lies in its strength characteristics, but rather, as experts note, in a unique strength. This material is almost indistinguishable from natural stone.

Properties of quartzite

Artificial stone opened a new era in the design of the interior. Not to mention the unique combination of advanced decorative material with the most valuable properties of strength, durability and hygiene.

Quartzite has other numerous characteristics that offer widely use the stone in veneer or design:

  • Artificial quartzite enough plastic that makes it easy to manufacture products of all shapes and sizes.
  • During the use of the quartzite is not deformed under the action of temperature.
  • The material has the highest class for fire resistance.
  • Quartzite, a photo of which can be viewed on the website, is resistant to moisture.
  • Has a high strength to the blow and bends.
  • Resistant to scratches, and the countertop from the quartzite Kiev does not absorb too much substance.
  • Color and texture can bring to life any design ideas.
  • In the process of processing the texture turns glossy, rough or rough-glossy.


Artificial quartzite is widely distributed in Kiev for interior decoration of private houses or public places, like restaurants, offices or swimming pools. Also it is a popular material for the cladding of buildings or homes.

From artificial quartzite people do a lot of different items and decorative items. These include quartzite countertops for bathrooms, kitchens, bars, plates for cladding walls or coffee tables.

Artificial stone Kiev every day is become more popular, for example, in Europe it is claimed for more than 25 years, and in Spain elite construction projects are made with it.

Quartzite is considered a unique material, which is characterized by strength and is as varied in design. All artificial stone is only 5% of the special substances and technologies. They reduce the natural porosity and the likelihood of deformation.

Care of quartzite

Artificial stone requires no special courtship, it is simple and easy. However, it is not recommended to spill anything acidic. In contact with acids, artificial stone can be damaged. That the floor of quartzite was durable and washable, it is advisable to cover it with wax.