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Slate is a natural stone with attractive appearance and high strength. The veneer with such material will distinguish it from the neighbors’ buildings and will give its owner a sense of style.

Slate – is the combination of strength and beauty

The main advantages of this stone include:

  • durability (at the same time, it should be noted that during the operational period of not slate does not change shape);
  • strength (one of the main advantages);
  • good sound insulation;
  • resistance to temperature extremes, moisture;
  • the ease in handling;
  • attractive appearance.

Positive features of this natural stone does not end there. With a variety of colors, it is possible to find the right shade/drawing slate.

Regardless of the purposes for which it is used (for interior or exterior cladding), it fits perfectly into any interior.


Slate, the price for which is justified by the high quality, is now widely used in finishing works. It has magnificent appearance and strength, that`s why people use slate for veneering fireplaces, stairs, facades of buildings and other.

Also, the stone used as a floor covering in areas where walks a lot of people, for example, in shopping malls, offices. Because slate is very durable.

Slate is non-slip, so it is using on the floors in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This stone has a porous structure, which prevents the formation of rot and insects.

Slate is also used for making window sills, table-tops, bar counters and other furnishings. This furniture will serve for centuries.

Slate has also found its application in the landscape. Natural stone often used for paving and garden areas. Actively used in the facades.

Due to technical features, this stone is used in the manufacture of billiard tables.

Often this material acts as a roof covering — thin plate is able to protect the roof from rain. Slate endures both reduced and elevated temperatures. At sharp differences of temperatures is not damaged.

This roof will last for decades.

This stone goes well with other materials, such as glass, wood or plaster.

As for color, slate is most often found in black, dark gray, rarely green, red colors.

Where you can buy it?

Slate, (Kiev) you can buy in RoyalStone `s site. Slate represents the nobility of colors and the presence of the original invoice which will become a worthy decoration of any room.

Here you can buy natural stone slate, the price of which will justified by the quality.