Product of granite

Granite products

Natural stone is the material that gives unsurpassed beauty and luxury interior. RoyalStone company offers products made from natural minerals. To create stone masterpieces we use granite. Its price could vary and it depends on the quarry, quality and complexity of processing. Durability, practicality, elitism and aesthetics will cover all expenses of the granite products.

The supply and demand

In the hands of our experienced craftsmen, each tile is transformed into granite products (Kyiv), and it can be attributed to artwork:

And this is not a complete list of what you can order on our website. Natural granite creates objects that enjoy strong demand.

From the fireplace to the paving and not only

  1. Facing fireplace makes the heat source extraordinary beauty of natural granite and will give him an elitism. Our specialists can face fireplaces any constructive complexity: tile, island, corner and wall. We select material by color and texture, as well as performed sketches at each stage are agreed with the customers. Special processing of granite helps to achieve the desired clearance.

The customer should make a wish, and the house will be decorated with the fireplace of the English living room, or in the kitchen will appear Italian stone oven, looks like a solid piece of rock. Perhaps making the fireplace will be done in a delicate French style or similar to the Russian folk kilns. Our skilled carvers will give any form, and transform fireplace into a work of art!

  1. Granite countertop serve as a decoration for any kitchen. It will fit into a modern interior with natural color palette. Install countertops on the basis of the developed project. Given the high cost of the upcoming finish, we highly recommend you to use the services of our engineers. They will make the measurements and give advice about choosing the stone, count the number of required material.
  1. Sills of granite look quite differently than it is made of wood or plastic. They are virtually timeless because of its durability and for many years retain its original appearance. The surface, polished to a mirror shine and it will not fade under sunlight. They go well with the whole design and complement it for its natural uniqueness.
  1. Granite steps look equally beautiful both outside and inside buildings. The price of products depends on the material and the complexity of its processing. If steps are used to raise the porch or decoration of garden paths, it is not necessary to choose expensive granite slabs. A stone staircase in the lobby of a country house should emphasize the consistency of their owners. So we will take plates with the highest grade, carefully selected for their color or texture.
  1. Granite paving stone is actively used in landscape design. A wide selection of different colors and textures allows you to create patterns of any complexity. Paths and flower beds, and mosaic pavement, looked unusually and effectively. Paved sites are becoming well-groomed appearance. It is convenient to wash, ornaments and patterns do not lose their brightness, because they don’t fade in the sun.

Products from natural stone in Kiev, produced by ROYALSTONE, are made with using modern technologies and only experts can do them. Order it and see for yourself!