Paving stone

Paving from granite pieces of RoyalStone company gives a reliable and durable coating, resistant to external environment. Our workers can do it in the form of intricate patterns and mosaic patterns. For this we create conceptual designs. Each granite tile is selected by color and cut into cubes or segments according to the plan. The richness of shades allows you to put a bright mosaic, which doesn`t differ from art canvases.

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Features of granite paving

Price for paving depends on the quantity of material used and complexity of the ornament. Paving will emphasize the high social status of owners and decorate:

  • garden paths;
  • beds;
  • courtyard of a country house;
  • the area in front of the main entrance;
  • the area around the outdoor pool and other.

Granite paving (Kyiv) has special characteristics that define it as high-quality coating:

  1. It works like a natural drainage, absorbing rainwater and melt water, without forming a puddle, because it immediately seeps into the cracks between the tiles.
  2. Paving stones chipped into smaller pieces, safe for the environment. It is a natural stone that is non-toxic, unlike asphalt or bitumen. The level of radioactivity is not harmful, as it is far below the average values.
  3. It has an unlimited service life, since granite is one of the hardest rocks on Earth. The first minor changes to the surface appear in fifty years.
  4. Easily disassembled and laid back, for example, when the need for excavation.
  5. More reliable than concrete. Pavings are resistant to temperature, impact, moisture and UV rays. They are distinguished by high resistance to any kind of mechanical damage.

Methods and peculiarities

Paving from the manufacturer – is a great saving. We produce the tiles for the pavement and doing its install. This type of work requires certain knowledge’s and experience possessed by our craftsmen. read more about installation…

  1. The area is concreted or covered with gravel. Concreting is considered to be a reliable method, but the rammer gravel – efficient and less costly. Our experts will tell you about the methods of laying paving stones in details. Each method depends on the nature of the soil, the timing of the paving and so on.
  2. In the process of laying we remember about sewerage. Future paving and skirtings are made a specified tilt angle, calculated at the design stage. This will not affect the ornament or pattern, as the difference in levels is smooth and ranges from one to three inches.
  3. Must be accounted the burden which it will have. Each item is loaded on the mix by tapping with a rubber mallet. If the paving goes in neat rows, between the components, leave a small gap. In the case of putting some patterns (for example, in the form of a fan) the gap will be wider.
  4. After the process of laying all the cracks and gaps are filled with the mixture, and the paved area abundantly poured with water. Freshly laid paving is ready for use no earlier than ten days, during which it is impossible to walk.

Given the high cost of the using material, do not skimp on the quality of the paving and invite untested workers, who may haven`t experience with granite. At the end you may waste you money and time..

Contact our company to get luxurious paving stones, which will look beautiful and will give elite sophistication to your landscape design.

If you want to buy granite paving in Kiev, please contact us and we will offer you a variety of options. Not everyone even has heard and seen it. You have a unique opportunity to show it in our showroom. Choose granite for paving…

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