Granite countertops

The RoyalStone company offers granite countertops for kitchen. They are beautiful. These covers will perfectly complement any interior special colors and unique patterns. They have the durability of natural granite, resistance to mechanical damage and chemical effects.

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Responsibility and professionalism

Processing of stone and manufacturing of countertops requires experience and knowledge. We are confident in the professionalism of our craftsmen and the quality of the material. Granite can be different, that gives the opportunity for unscrupulous sellers to use the ignorance of the buyer.

  1. Low-grade granite is hygroscopic and, it may quickly destroy under the influence of moisture and fat. This is facilitated by cracks, which form a kind of “capillaries”. We offer granite countertops that had an additional treatment, which protects the product against such damage.
  2. Countertops from stone which is not complying with the provisions of the characteristics might be fragile. The errors in the calculations will lead to cracks. Our experts prepare competent projects and the skilled carvers working with a properly chosen plates, eliminating trouble in using.
  3. Granite slab is heterogeneous in nature, as this stone is composed of minerals with different physical properties. Therefore, the polishing of granite is a complex process that requires appropriate equipment and skill during processing. In our company works experts and they do not admit a manufacturing defect.
  4. Our suppliers are the largest quarries where every granite tile is carefully checking for the radioactivity level. Because of this, we are sure that every stone countertop manufactured by our company, it is absolutely safe for health.

The unique properties of countertops

If you order granite countertops, you will get a surface with unique properties:

  • It is not afraid of high temperatures, so you can put hot kettle, pan or a hot frying pan without any supports;
  • kitchen countertop, after finishing, is inert to acids. Spilled berry juice, vinegar or wine will not leave on its surface any trace;
  • the hardness of this natural stone allows you to cut the products without the use of cutting boards;
  • granite worktops have a natural unique drawings. They will decorate your kitchen interior with its exclusivity.

In the catalog you can see granite, the price of which depends on the quality and quarry. Our managers will help you to choose the right stone and answer all your questions. Gagers tell: how to install countertop, how much material you need. We will prepare the project and after this we will install countertop. We are waiting for your requests. Enjoy with the convenience and beauty of our products!