Marble carving

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Artistic marble carving

Any interior, decorated with natural stone, is transformed into a solid and noble object, even if the stone is devoid of exquisite decoration. Such a workpiece can be a basis on which you can develop any artistic technique, using the carving and delicate processing. Marble carving is a time-taking process of finishing stone material, which gives the product a high level of artistic beauty and grace.

Today’s masters use the above technology to create off-gauge shapes from stone or unique patterns. Carving allows you to create any pattern or image. This approach to interior design allows you to develop exclusive design solutions that are equated to treasures of art. Carved things from natural stone are the best evidence of the taste and aristocracy of the house-owner.

Carving marble features

Artistic stone carving is an excellent way to achieve luxury. Carved marble has become widely used in the architectural and interior fields.

Skillfully using marble workpieces, you can create a unique interior step-by-step. Connoisseurs of natural stone enjoy the real pleasure of picking up valuable collections, including various exhibits. This approach is perfect for out-of-town cottages or parks. For example, you can decorate the interior with marble figurines, sculptures, rosettes and so on. Exterior can be transformed with use of carved bas-reliefs or sculptures. As a result, free space is decorated with original decor workpieces made of natural material with carved elements.

You can pre-design the architecture of a place, considering the decor marble carvings in specific locations. The carved pattern will be the finishing touch to the design of the stairs (stone lace), the roof, the columns, and so on. Marble carved fragments perfectly complement any composition. If such an element must be installed on the load-bearing element, it is better to think about design in advance. We recommend doing complex carving works during the construction phase.

Whatever option of refinement your site you have not chosen, marble carving will be the right solution in any case.

Marble interior design

The main purpose of the carving on natural stone is to give the workpiece the desired shape or creating a pattern on its surface. The pattern can depict glorious ornaments, various motifs or plots. Carving works can have a different level of complexity, but the result is sure to delight. There are many methods and techniques that are used when working with marble, including jewelry, sculptural, and architectural carving. This natural stone can be perfectly processed, opening wide design possibilities.

Marble design is represented by all kinds of carved workpieces. For example, the stone band harmoniously blends into the interior, decorating the room along the walls or from the floor to the ceiling. Bands or stone friezes depict any style or texture. The marble carving gives the band fragments a bulge and volume, literally animating the pattern. This method is suitable both for interior and for exterior facade decoration.

Artistic stone carving is the real art, which was popularized in times gone by, and is widely used in the current century. Modern achievements in the fields of science and technology, make it possible to improve this time-taking process, making the marble beauty more accessible.