Marble Tables

Marble is considered one of the most durable and aesthetic natural materials. This natural stone has been used for many centuries in the production of not only tile, but also other products, including interior items and furniture. An excellent way to convey the majestic atmosphere of ancient palaces is the use of marble in the interior. In the living room or hall it will look wonderful a marble table, for example. Such luxury is not an excess, but a testament of noble taste and the desire to decorate your house with natural materials.

Although marble, as a building and finishing material is known for a long time, the demand for it remains stable. This is due to the exemplary refinement and unique durable characteristics of the marble.

Marble is a mineral of calcareous origin, represented in nature by various shades. The scope of use is very wide:

  • jewelry, souvenirs;
  • sculpture;
  • furniture, interior items;
  • floor covering, wall finishing, cladding.

Marble has unique ecological and practical properties that are widely used in decorating modern interiors. A special practicality and majestic beauty characterize the marble tables.

Decoration possibilities of marble tables

Modern technology of stone processing and pliability of marble stone allows giving any shape the workpiece. The table top can have different thicknesses and dimensions, and the color scale will please every esthete. All kinds of table configurations are available: from a traditional rectangle to an octagon or oval.

To create a truly unique product use a combination of different colors that forms a unique mosaic pattern or even a panel. Also, the use of other materials (plastic, metal, etc.) is practiced. The marble table of the one-piece type is less common, mainly in the collections of lovers of antiquity.

Marble table in the interior

Such stone product was created for spacious halls and living rooms. In these rooms such piece of furniture will look harmonious and beautiful. The living room will play with new colors, and visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the royal mansions.

No less successful variant for using such luxury table is a kitchen or a dining room. The premises can be decorated in any style, because this material, successfully embodied in furniture, will always be modern and relevant. Recall that marble has a light-reflecting property. Therefore, marble products can bring to any room a lot of light and coziness.

Quite often, a table made of natural stone is installed in the courtyard or on a terrace surrounded by elegant chairs. The stone is resistant to different weather conditions and atmospheric phenomena.

Of course, the marble table price for which is quite high is an expensive purchase. But durability and aesthetic value will quickly pay off these costs.

Guidelines for the care of a marble product

This material is demanding in care. You must be careful with marble and use special detergents. The following recommendations will help to preserve the natural beauty of the product for many decades:

  1. Use wax coatings to preserve gloss. This will keep the surface from abrasion and return the original shade. Buy special products that contain artificial or natural wax;
  2. Use special detergents (pH around 7);
  3. Regularly impregnate the surface of the marble product with a special mortar. It is known that the marble rock is porous and absorbs moisture and any liquids. In the end, there may be spots that will be difficult to remove. The process of cleaning from stains is quite tedious. Therefore, it is easier to prevent such trouble by applying oil and moisture repellent impregnation;
  4. If the product is located on the street, then occasionally you need to wash the surface, previously cleaning from all kinds of dirt, dust, small rubbish. Depending on the level of contamination it should be used appropriate cleaning supplies.

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