Semiprecious stone

Semi-precious stones

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Semi-precious stones (photo, of course, doesn’t do their beauty) is not often used for decoration and making various products, such as countertops or steps. This is not surprising, because the cost of these stones is not cheap, and not everyone can allow to use them in interior design.

But the appearance of semi-precious stones never ceases to amaze with its beauty.

The pros

Any product made of semiprecious stone, will be ironed perfectly. The room will be transformed beyond recognition. These products are certainly the Statute of the center for public viewing and admiration.

Products made of semi-precious stones attract the attention of everyone.

The benefits also include:

  • durability;
  • wear resistance;
  • resistance to differences of temperatures;
  • the presence of a unique pattern;
  • strength;
  • sophistication.

The benefits

Do you know that each stone possesses a unique energy? For example, some rocks contribute to the improvement of health, and others set up composure. Currently, this is called “luxury therapy”.

Many wealthy people are using brown agate in interior, being sure that the stone is able to protect them from harm.

Rose quartz soothes and promotes prosperity, and tiger’s eye gives the household energy and uplifting.

Every stone has the energy. For example, amethyst can help in the treatment of physical illnesses. It is suitable for people with diseases of the nervous system. Also it helps to get rid of nightmares and insomnia.

But, Jasper is considered to be the protector for children and young mothers from the evil eye and spoilage.

A variety of semi-precious stones in the interior

Semi-precious stones, you can buy in an affordable price on the website of our company RoyalStone, additional processing need not, in and of themselves are a work of art.

The presence of such stones in the house indicates prosperity and good taste of the owner.

Well-chosen stone will fit perfectly into any interior, no matter what style decorated room.

Variety of semi-precious stones:

  1. Amethyst is presented in a purple-violet color from gentle to dark shades of purple. This stone is universal – suitable even for the walls in the bathroom.
  2. Quartz. Colors represented in beige, pink and grey of various tones and shades of brown. Quartz is especially interesting looks in combination with illumination. This is because the stone is relatively transparent.
  3. Agate. It is characterized by contrast, and brightness. The products look luxurious.
  4. Jasper. Characterized by the presence of unusual texture (tiger skin blotches) and saturated colors.

Buy semi-precious stones (Kyiv) on our website RoyalStone. It is a great solution for those who want to give the room sophistication and respectability. So, for example, a table top from semi-precious stone will certainly become a worthy decoration of your kitchen.