Manufacturing products from natural stone

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RoyalStone company have been successfully specialized on the manufacturing of products made of natural stones for seven years. We produce all the architectural and design elements for home decor, garden plots, and others.

We use marble, granite, quartz, travertine, onyx and other natural stones.

We have successfully completed more than 500 works of complexity. When you run the project complies with all the requirements and wishes of the customer. Each of our work is done with the soul.

Manufacturing of products from granite, marble……

We can produce the stone products of any complexity. In manufacturing we use various minerals. Manufacturing products from marble, granite, onyx and other rocks, carried out on modern equipment using tested technologies.

Own production allows to guarantee fast manufacturing of products, reasonable prices and excellent quality.

It should be noted that our company also use traditional methods of treatment of stones (manually).

A full range of services includes:

  • sale of architectural and decorative elements of natural stone (to order) with pre-treatment and without;
  • installation works;
  • finishing work;
  • restoration;
  • processing of minerals: the art of carving, waterjet cutting;
  • applying anti-slip strips on flooring of stone.

Marble, granite – manufacturing in Asia and Europe.

We produce window sills, fireplaces, countertops, balusters, steps, fences ets. Granite, onyx, dolomite, marble – manufacturing in Asia and Europe.

Manufacturing products from natural stone: the pros

Products made of natural stones are fascinating. There aren`t two identical patterns/shades in the world. The view of surface depends on light.

Besides the beauty, the stone has other important properties:

  • strength;
  • long service life (product of marble/granite is able to last for more than a century);
  • resistance to abrasion (often a natural stone used as a floor covering in areas with heavy traffic of people);
  • resistance to acids and alkalis;
  • resistance to differences of temperatures;
  • friendly to environment (stone does not emit harmful substances).

Wide selection, reasonable prices

The availability of modern equipment and competent approach allows us to realize your dream – to make an amazing piece of stone. This can be countertop, flooring, bar counter and other. Any product made from natural stone, made/processed by our craftsmen, looks flawless.

Manufacturing of products from natural stone is a very hard work that requires an experienced approach and the attachment of the soul.

If you entrust work to us, you can be sure about brilliant results.