Marble restoration

Interior items made from natural stones from time to time need special care. The company RoyalStone offers marble products restoration in Kiev on a high professional level. We return their original luster and gloss, remove stains, scratches, updated protective layer. And also eliminate the chips and cracks, restoring the lost fragments. We make different works, which vary according to species.

Types of works

  1. Restoration of tile compounds is carried out before grinding. It is the cleansing of the space between the plates of dirt and filling it with two-component glue.

  2. Polishing of marble makes the surface smooth and unified, smoothes the joints between boards and their differences. In the end, it becomes a single monolith. This method can also be used in the event of a serious injury, going deep into stone. Simultaneously with the grinding is processed we cover stone with a special compound that hides small cracks and fill pits.
  3. Restoration of chips and scratches, as well as gluing the parts together. It applies in the case of serious mechanical damage. They are sealed and glued with polyester adhesive, which is attached to the tone of the repair area.
  4. Marble polishing is the last stage of rehabilitation works, giving the product a mirror finish through polishing wax-based.
  5. Polishing – applying a protective layer that will retain the polishing effect. Is carried out before the crystallization.
  6. Crystallization – a thermochemical reaction between the mold and marble. Enhances strength and shine. After this cracks and other damage disguise, increase the abrasion resistance.
  7. The protective coating gives water absorbency with polymer tools. This layer protects against moisture, stains and minor scratches.

Our advantages

Restoration in Kiev is made by experienced craftsmen of our company with the use of new technologies. There are work masters who will choose wisely the way of restoration. This work requires not only professional, but artistic approach. Only then marble (marble catalog…) will look like new. Specialists have the most modern equipment which allows to perform all the work at the appropriate level.

We perform local repair of facades, marble floors and walls, stairs, countertops, decor and fireplaces, and so on. Treatment gives surfaces a resistance to wear that exceeds that provided by nature. We use the impregnation for the stone. Protective film on wax ignores the dirt. Polymer emulsion protects from the effects of negative climatic factors. This requires a deep knowledge of the structure of the rocks, which are endowed by our experts.