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Marble floors

Marble floors in Kiev from the RoyalStone company – fine coating of precious natural stone. The presence of our own manufacture provides the optimal value of the products. The color palette of our products provides a rich selection that allows you to find the right option. We cooperate with major quarries and use quality marble plates, which have water-repellency to protect against moisture.

Marble flooring gives a reliable and durable surface with the effect of soft breast translucency. Its practicality is complemented by the beauty of the natural pattern, which gives the interior a luxury and stressed the welfare of the owners. Modern designers use the stone floor, consisting of plates of different textures, allowing you to zone the space or decorate it with mosaic.

Advantages of marble floor

Marble floor gives the qualities, which explains their popularity.

  1. Flooring durable and reliable. With proper care it decades remains unchanged.
  2. The absence in the composition any toxic substances makes it safe for health. Floor structure resistant to the penetration of pathogenic bacteria.
  3. It is easy to care. Outdoor marble is purified by special cleaner. But we must reject the acid and alkaline solutions. For this reason, in the kitchen, we laid the floors, protected from aggressive environments, with special impregnation.
  4. Marble is an excellent choice for mosaic installation, complementing the beauty of ornament or floor panels with natural coloring game transitions.
  5. The originality and splendor of the coating are in harmony with the interiors in modern and classic style.
  6. Stone flooring does not creak. It will be appreciated by owners of “singing” floors.
  7. Marble is fireproof, unlike wood, parquet and laminate flooring.
  8. As a finishing material it is cheaper than granite and perfectly aligned with the floor heating system.

Creating stone flooring is a complex process, requiring appropriate training. In our company work masters who know their work. They can design, select material, manufacture and install, we realize many projects of different complexity, and we have a lot of experience. We provide a solid floor, which looks perfect without visible joints or seams.

Our services

Marble slabs are processed by the method of water repellent, providing moisture. Impregnation with two-component compositions increases the resistance. Floor polishing (read more about polish…) with well-selected products gives them shine, and removes the joints between the slabs. This layer protects against scratches and appearance for a long time keeps the floors intact.

Our catalog contains a variety of marble, the price of which is depended of production and quality (catalog of marble…). For each type of finish we choose different stone, and we advise the best variant for them. In addition, we offer a comprehensive approach – both floors and walls. The room is decorated in the same style looks effective and elegant.