Import stone

Import products

Natural stone is widely used for making various products. It is produced not only in Ukraine, but also in different parts of the world, e.g. Brazil, India, Greece, Spain and others.

Varieties of imported stone

Imported stone (Kiev) is chosen for the exterior cladding of buildings, interior decoration and landscaping for the backyard area and production of various products, such as countertops, windowsills, bar counters.

Catalog of import stones:

  • marble (obtained in Italy, Greece, USA, Norway, Georgia and other corners of the world);
  • granite (obtained in many countries, e.g. China, Sweden, India, Italy and others);
  • onyx (excellent chalcedony onyx is obtained in the Arabian Peninsula, India, USA, Uruguay and Brazil);
  • travertine (in most cases it is obtained in China, Italy and Turkey, at least in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan);
  • quartzite (this rock is mostly located in the USA, Eastern Europe and Africa);
  • limestone (can be found in Greece, Spain and France);
  • slate (obtained in many countries of the world);
  • dolomite (obtained in Switzerland, Spain and North America).


The price for import stone on the RoyalStone company’s website is acceptable. Nowadays import stone is widely used in the manufacturing of various products. For example, marble, dolomite, granite, and other foreign rocks are made:

Often these rocks are used as floor coverings in private homes, in public places, for example, in shopping malls, kindergartens, schools and beyond.

Mostly import stones have many interesting and intricate drawings. There are huge amount of colors. You can choose the most appropriate texture and color of this stone for decorating or making products from it.

The pros

Imported stones are chosen for many reasons:

  • long life (generally, products of such rocks will last for centuries);
  • resistance to temperature extremes (for example, dolomite is used even as a roofing material – a roof for several decades will not need repair);
  • attractive appearance (the original drawing and a variety of colors/shades allows you to choose the most suitable option);
  • resistance to moisture (for example, dolomite is used as floor covering in bathroom and kitchen);
  • resistance to abrasion (often these stones are used as a floor covering in areas with heavy traffic of people, for example, in museums, shopping centers).

Where you can buy it?

Imported stones (Kiev) or different products could be bought in an affordable price on the website of Royal Stone company.

Our main advantages: we have our own material bases and own manufacturing. This suggests that we are able to establish competitive prices that do not include payments for intermediaries.