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Granite is one of the most important rocks of the earth’s crust. Nowadays it is very popular among those who appreciate the beauty and choose for interior design only natural materials.

About advantages and properties

Granite is a natural, durable, stain resistant and safe stone. There is a perception that this rock is radioactive. This is not so. Exception could be only if in quarry, which produced granite, radioactivity is not normal. But these situations are rare. As a rule, stone frome such quarries is used exclusively for exterior works. The Royalstone company works exclusively with granites, tasted on their own equipment.

Due to its excellent properties this stone is actively used as finishing material in construction and architecture.

This material is perfect for finishing facades of the buildings. Granite has a great resistance to frost, temperature changes, and almost does not absorb moisture.

Also granite looks presentable and luxurious, and goes well with any design solution.

Durability is another advantage. After 10-20 years, granite will not lose its original appeal. To maintain the attractiveness of natural stone for years, many people prefer dark granite and treat the stone with special chemicals.

Many people mistakenly believe that granite is not very beautiful. And marble more beautiful. (like a grainy). To make sure that it is not true, visit our Gallery and see the beauty of this stone. A huge selection of textures and shades will certainly be impressed and delighted by you.

Thanks to new technologies used in our production, it is possible to give the stone a graceful form, and perform the most complex tasks.

The price for granite is more higher than at the artificial materials. However, the splendor of natural stone combined with environmental friendliness and safety is the main huge advantage and hardly can compete with it in synthetic material. Besides to purchase granite at an affordable price always can we found on the website of Royal Stone.

Granite products

We use import granite for manufacturing:

Granite Kyiv is actively used as the outer material for the facade, basement, entrances and paths. This is because granite are resistant mechanical stress, it is difficult to scratch and ruin it.

Why us?

For many years we successfully manufacturing products from granite and marble. Today we have the biggest opportunity in the history of the stone.

We produce all architectural and design elements for homes, villas, offices from natural stones.

With us you can buy an import granite (Kiev) in affordable prices. Because we have our own equipment, large-scale orders and direct shipments.