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In Kiev, marble countertops manufactured by the company RoyalStone, which manufactures products of natural stone. High-quality and exquisite products, which are created by experienced craftsmen, will decorate any home. Marble countertops will completely transform your bathroom, kitchen or living room with soft pattern twisted veins. They are harmonized with glass, metal and wooden elements of the table.

Table tops are made in modern manufacturing machines, which can do any design ideas. We work strictly by the sketches to developed project, and step is agreed with the customer separately.

Marble countertops features

Our company offers countertops, marble in Kiev, which will complement a classic or contemporary atmosphere of the room. You should avoid combinations of these products with plastic in the background, they will look cheap. The countertops of this stone have several characteristic features.

  1. They are quite reliable and durable, but require careful handling, as the surface may leave scratches from sharp objects. Such trace easily removes by polishing.
  2. Marble is a pliable rock. With this tops can be any intricate shape. If the customer has the product a large area, it is assembled from several parts. The joints and seams are virtually invisible because they are treated and rubbed with a special compound based on marble dust.
  3. Countertop made of natural stone, piece are goods, and exists in a single copy, because nature does not create clones. From the wide range of colors and shades, the customer can easily choose a suitable. To ensure that the product will bright, you need the correct illumination.
  4. A product of marble is non-toxic and safe for health. Caring them you shouldn`t use abrasive and aggressive detergents. It may have a negative impact on the condition of the surface.

Our company employs professionals who create sketches of any complexity. We will help you choose the right material. All phases of the project are agreed with the customer. Countertop made from natural stone is very heavy. That`s why you should entrust the installation for professionals who will do all the necessary calculations for safe use of product.

Ordering and manufacturing of marble countertops (Kiev)

Given the high cost of marble, our employees will suggest the best option that will save the client’s money. They talk about options, tell you the proper thickness, will help you choose the type of profile to process end point in terms of manufacture.

We manufacture marble countertops in Kiev on their own manufacturing read more about manufacturing…. This allows us to make countertops at reasonable prices. Using of modern machinery gives birth to true masterpieces. Our products are suitable for different premises. They will last for many years, delighting their owners noble beauty of natural stone.