Product of marble

Products from marble

Natural marble has a special unique beauty. The company RoyalStone produces products of marble (Kyiv), which emphasize the success of their owners and show their refined taste. We have a wide range of products, which are used as decorations interior design, for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, landscape design.

We create unique products made from natural, environmentally-friendly stones. Original imported materials absolutely safe for your health, for your health and well-being. We sincerely believe that our quality products are able to gladden the hearts of our customers. Marble products have unique appearance, and in fact superior to products from other natural stones .

Marble features

Marble is translated from Greek as “shining stone” for a special property to reflect sunlight. The precious stone has much more wonderful properties.

  1. Products are reliable, resistant to temperature fluctuations and vagaries of weather.
  2. Stone marble is easily for processing, it can be given any shape.
  3. Polishing gives it an inner glow effect and of light, unusual for other stones.
  4. Natural marble gives the product a unique beauty of shades, colors and textures that make them exclusive merchandise. In our catalogue presents samples to select the appropriate option.

Brief about our products

In our production we use only quality material, which is made of:

  • mosaic;
  • the walls and floors;
  • countertops;
  • sills;
  • fireplaces;
  • steps and stairs;
  • decor items.

Marble – a great finishing material. It is ideally suited for bathrooms because marble flooring is protected from slipping. Our experts give the marble tiles water absorption with water repellent, therefore they are resistant to moisture. Mosaic floor in combination with marble walls, and art elements, will give the bathroom a luxurious look.

In Kiev, the marble Countertops has huge demand. The surface lends to a perfect polish, which will brighten the natural beauty of the stone. Marble countertop complements any interior, gives him the luxury and gentility, emphasizes the financial success of the owners. It combines perfectly with elements of metal, wood or glass. The tabletop can be used not only for the desk in the office. It is used in the kitchen for a dining table or as an inline countertop.

Window sills made of marble serve as refined design of the windows. Potted plants are looed perfectly on them.. A wide windowsill can be used as a personal table with a laptop on it or as an extra surface for the kitchen. These products carry a personality, because color is not repeated. Window sills from marble are often settled in the halls, rooms, libraries. They emphasize the high social status of their owners.

Marble products do not require special care. However, they must periodically polish and apply a special tool that protects the surface from minor damages. Our specialists will help to maintain the interior of this stone is in order. We provide grinding, polishing, and if necessary reconstruction work.