Products of labradorite

Labradorite has a special structure, consisting of grains of crystals, which gives the mineral unusual sparkling beauty of blue and gold flashes on a dark background — iridescence. It depends on the number of crystals. The natural color ranges from light gray to black. Therefore, the products of labradorite from RoyalStone company look rich and respectable. Own production capacities allow us to carry out any plans of designers.

Satisfy the demand

Semi-precious stone with an unusual iridescent glow of the polished surface is known as a facing material. In addition, masters create decorative elements for interior landscaping areas and outdoor decoration from this stone. Its exquisite view can conquer everyone:

  • the bar and countertops; ( see countertops…)
  • the window sills; (see the window sills)
  • steps (see steps)
  • facing slabs for the base, floors, walls and fireplaces; (see floors)
  • paving stones; (see paving stones)
  • of garden decor. (see decor)

We also produce shaped products according to customer’s designs or provide your options. The demand on this stone has been recently growing, and our specialists are ready to help with any requests. It perfectly harmonizes with other materials. And it allows to expand the boundaries of design.

The diversity of proposals

  1. The bar and countertops from labradorite – decoration with unique surface, which looks not only original, but also luxurious. Unusual optical effect is observed when we change the angle of viewwhen some areas become darker, others flash bright sparks with blue and cornflower blue shades. It is durable and reliable product, which is also resistant to the appearance of the lesions and does not require special care. The polishing layer does not need constant updating, and with careful use, grinding will be neededthrough the years.

  2. Window sills from labradorite – is excellent design of the window. Under the streams of sunlight the surface will sparkle with the deep shimmer of the structure. The iridescence of different areas of patches and stripes are mesmerizing passages of bright lights. Durable surface is perfectly combined with elegant vases and other decorative elements. We make edge profiles and chamfers that are offered in our catalog.
  3. Steps from labradorite are decorative components to create stairs inside and outside. Additional treatment makes them resistant to climatic manifestations. Natural feature of the mineral will give rich view, emphasizing the owners`s welfare.
  4. Facing with labradorite – elegant internal and external finishing. For use outside works selected the stone with the appropriate characteristics. The walls facing with this material are provided solidity and respectability.
  5. Paving stones from labradorite are reliable coverage, which makes competition to the concrete. It looks expensive and luxurious because of its unusual appearance. Paved areas can remain unchanged, as this igneous rock is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.
  6. Garden decor from labradorite made landscape compositions. There could be statues, columns, benches, fountains, etc. Masters from our company have artistic taste and skill, their skilled hands are creating masterpieces. They evoke grudging admiration iridescenting in the sun.

Semi-precious labradorite stone requires special treatment because it has a high aesthetic quality. We know all about its treatment and have the necessary equipment to use it in different places.

Столешница лабрадорит