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Marble (catalog of marble…) – is a precious stone with a special solemn beauty that is transferred to the products. The company RoyalStone offers marble windowsills in Kiev. They decorate the house with the elegance of natural stone. If there be proper care, it will last for many years.

Special marble

  1. The marble structure may suffer from moisture, but thanks to a procedure called repellent, we give our products the absorption.
  2. The surface of natural marble is prone to scratches and acids. Our master gives the damaged areas of pristine polished and reconstruction works. Them is enough to be done every 5-10 years, depending on the condition of the sill.
  3. Marble color does not fade under sunlight, and the rock is not stratified. Before taking it to manufacturing, our experienced craftsmen are discarded rock with cracks and cavities (caverns).

Products of marble are used in the design of houses, fitting harmoniously into classic and modern interior, giving the house the elitism and sophistication. Such house immediately increases in price. Our company produces marble window sills, different structure and color. Nature has not stinted on a fascinating interweaving of tones and hues.

The advantages of our window sills

If you want buy marble window sills in Kyiv, then you should contact our company. We work with high quality stone, which has several key advantages:

  • its strength ensures the grain structure of the stone, which is composed of grains of calcite, soldered together. The smaller these particles of calcite, the more reliable the marble, and the price will also increase;
  • marble is softer than granite and is easier to process. This means that for processing the edges of the sill you can choose the original profile with the patching and without a chamfer of any complex shape. Our craftsmen achieve great results, using modern machines for processing, such as milling machines, console-polishing, water jet cutting and other;
  • window sills made of this noble material look luxurious. Graceful pattern, made by nature, and a variety of textures compete with the other stones;
  • light marble window sills surface capable of reflecting light;
  • in the room with the marble windowsills in the heat is always cool, because they have a special property to absorb heat;
  • this natural stone is absolutely safe for health;
  • after proper treatment the sills can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Our company RoyalStone produces marble window sills (Kyiv) rich color palette that will suit any bathroom interior, kitchen, hallway. Their samples can be found in the catalog. We develop sketches of future products and create the window sills of various sizes and complexities of execution.

At the manufacturing works workers who knows the structure of the stone and chooses wisely the treatment method. In the process of project implementation we use system of quality control at all stages of production. It includes the choice of material, development of sketches, the choice of the method of processing marble and the installation the sill in place.