Sills are become more and more popular among the owners of country houses, cottages, luxury housing, hotel and restaurant. The ROYALSTONE Company is manufacturing and saling various rocks, including granite. We install sophisticated granite window sills according to individual or standard designs more about designing…it all depends on the ideas and financial possibilities of the customer.

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Advantages of window sills

We manufacture products from granite using high-quality material, which comes from large quarries. Using modern technologies, experience of our craftsmen allow you to avoid manufacturing defects. Our stone window sills give a room a modern style and emphasize the high status of their owners, because they belong to the luxury goods.

Sills will complement any type of window. Granite gives it a unique natural pattern and their specific features.

  1. Products durable and reliable, as their surface is resistant to any kind of damage. It cannot be damaged by water, steam and detergents. Window sills are resistant to cracking and chipping.
  2. Granite can withstand temperature fluctuations. Prolonged exposure to sunlight heats the surface, but its structure remains unchanged. Sharp cooling is also not harmful.
  3. Natural stone, like granite, are durable and do not change its appearance. The first small change of the sill can only occur after decades.
  4. Take care about window sills is easy. It is enough to do wet cleaning.
  5. Granite is a natural material, and products are non-toxic and safe for health.

The order for manufacturing

The catalogue includes images of granite (Ukrainian Granite , Import granite ) from different quarries. They vary in color and textural patterns. Specialists of the ROYALSTONE company will help to choose the appropriate plate to determine the type of edge processing (frame and trim). We will prepare sketches of the sills, while experienced carvers will give products of various shapes, bends and sizes. Among our projects there are a variety of sills including windowsills-countertops.

Window sills with a perfectly polished surface will add elegance to the Windows of the library, a chimney hall, a living room, billiard room, study, lounge. They also fit perfectly into hotels, cafes, restaurants, modern, respectable offices. These products will improve different rooms complement the interior presentable.

Leave us requests and we will send master who makes necessary measurement at any convenient time for you. This specialist will advise what materials you should choose and in its quantity. The project will be ready in a few days, and after consultation with you, we will manufacture and install windowsills, which will serve you for years.