Granite curbs
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The types of granite curbs

The RoyalStone company manufactures granite curb in Kiev. It is an important component of landscape design, which gives a finished look to walkways, highlight areas, separates them from one another. The advantages of this natural stone is unique in its durability, so the granite products are decades and have protection for effective use outdoors. We use quality and reliable material.

Advantages of the curb

Curbs are different and each has its purpose. In urban road construction are using standard types: straight or radial. In the decoration of private areas are used both standard and non-standard fascia tiles. Original design solutions fit into the overall architectural style and complete livability of the territory.

  • Granite curbs are resistant to fluctuations in temperature and precipitation.
  • They can withstand considerable mechanical loads.
  • Granite curbs environmentally safe.
  • Granite tiles are inert to acids.
  • Natural stone aesthetic.
  • Granite products are reliable and have an unlimited service life.

The production process of making curbs is technologically process and it requires a professional approach. We are equipped with all the necessary equipment see… skilled craftsmen created products with different profiles and chamfers. The beauty of the granite emphasizes the polishing of the stone adds sophistication to the product.

Granite curb has a special beauty. Landscape designers increasingly give preference to it. Rich colors and variety of texture pattern allows you to choose the natural stone, in tune with the overall style of a country house. This design track emphasizes the elite status of the owners.

The company’s services

A wide range of granite products colors and shades with a unique natural pattern enables customers to select their option. We have established direct deliveries from the Ukrainian and foreign granite quarries. We offer the best prices for curbs for our customers. All the tiles are processed with fluid, which provide water absorption and increase strength, penetrating into the stone structure.

You can order simultaneous laying of curb and paving. This allows you to create a single project and to pick up all the necessary material. We work with any sketches and can offer our own versions. Examples of our work is posted on the website. You can order the borders of any size. All work is done on time, starting with the production process and ending with the laying of the curb. The company’s specialists will calculate the cost of ordering and advise you the best solution.