Installation of marble and granite products

Competent and quality installation of natural stone products in Kiev by RoyalStone company – is a quality execution of all types of finishing work ‒ internal and external ‒ on a high professional level. Experts with rich experience and deep knowledge a take into account many factors that affect the reliability and durability of the lining or stacking.

Features of installation

The preparation and installation process have their own specifics. Our craftsmen have known all nuances.

  1. For each types of future work we select tool, fixing stuff and other.
  2. There is a difference in preparing the surface for laying the stone slabs. Marble and granite have different weights and differ in structure. Under the marble platform is levelled carefully and the granite doesn’t need to, because under his weight everything aligned itself.
  3. During the preparation of the surface for stacking is not allowed the advent of air space between the plates and a layer of adhesive cement or other mixture.
  4. We take into the color of the natural stone and tone of glue or grout.
  5. Mounting stones take into account the ability of natural stone to respond to changes in temperature, so that the width of the weld is not less than of a millimeter.
  6. Granite or marble slabs are placed on the prepared screed that provides a flat area, and in the presence of the system “warm floor” and protects it from dents or other damage from the weight of the stone.
  7. Polishing stone (read more about polishing…) is strictly maintained after the period of solidification of the foundations on which rests the surface. Otherwise the vibration of the machine, all plates will go that will mess up the job.
  8. When installing in wet areas there is a need for additional processing of the stone by water repellents and the selection of the adhesive composition applicable in conditions of high moisture content.

The successful installation of stone products depends on the correct measurement. Our masters pay attention not only to the size but also location in the interior, the distance to furniture. Most often this applies to worktops and window sills. Specialists take into account all the nuances, since in this case there are no small things. If the natural structure of the stone is not calculated under the requirements of the customer, they will explain the reason, as in the best interests of the customer.

Types of work

Our company performs the following types of installation works:

  • decorative trim and veneer stone spaces as well as facades;
  • installation of stairs, railings, stairs, columns;
  • paving of garden paths and the creation of mosaic paving, installation of curbs;
  • installation and finishing of countertops, window sills, fireplaces, bar counters and so on;
  • the installation of fountains, benches, ramps and other elements that adorn the landscape.

High-quality finishing of the stone is possible thanks to the materials of Italian production Mapei, Litikol and General. We use the latest treatment methods and high-precision equipment that provides execution of the design tasks of any complexity and excellent results.

Our advantages:

  • optimum value;
  • quality and deadlines;
  • guarantee from 2 to 5 years

The professionals of the company will answer all questions regarding the specifics of the installation of stone products (See products from granite…) , (See products from marble...). Please contact us and we will emphasize the respectability of your house with our products!