Granite balusters

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The RoyalStone company offers granite balusters in Kiev. They are a decorative posts supporting the railings of staircases, balconies, balustrades. We can produce stone figure classical and original forms:

  • cylindrical products may resemble rounded antique amphorae, vases;
  • tapered balusters are manufactured with rounded or ridged angles, bevels;
  • carved stand cover with spiral designs and other patterns with symmetrical pattern;
  • round baluster pillars represent and serve as an additional decorative element.

Features of balusters

Granite baluster complements the overall architectural appearance of a country house, giving it a discreet, simple sophisticated style. It is possible when we use natural stone with its natural uniqueness and special energy. Granite products are forced to re-evaluate not only the external appearance of the cottage, but the interior.

  1. Mass color solutions allows you to choose a suitable stone from the presented, which will perfectly fit the interior.
  2. The reliability and durability of granite balusters provide long service life without replacements and repair. We all remember fine samples of ancient architecture and sculptures that have come down to us.
  3. The product resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, climatic conditions.
  4. Their color endures the sun’s rays.

The processing of granite takes the important place. Because we enhances its hygroscopicity. For this we use the hydrophobicity. Special impregnation fills cracks and cavities. For polishing balusters using polishes containing natural wax. This eliminates roughness, unevenness, and is attached to shine and forms a layer which prevents the accumulation of dirt and water.

Our proposals

We create balusters, like a sculpture from a single piece of high-quality granite. This process needs years of experience and skills, and knowledges about the structure of the stone, jewelry care. In our company employs carvers who have made a lot of objects. They will create balusters by your thumbnail or by the selected sample.

We also make pedestals and posts for stairs. Everything is done in strict accordance with the project, which is developed on the basis of the building regulations. It includes load calculation, which gives the necessary number of balusters and spacing between them, and also there are pointed all consumables. Complex stair project will create a reliable and durable design in the same style, with railings, granite steps , balustrades and other things. The cost of the balusters will depend on their number and height, because the stairs hand rails may be different.