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Sandstone – is a natural stone, reminiscent about ancient Egyptian pyramids. It has something desolate and ancient.

Today it is actively used in the implementation of construction and finishing works. Huge number of advantages and properties make this stone very popular.

About advantages and properties

Sandstone is characterized by a large range of textures, colors, shades and sizes. Mostly it is white, gray and brown color, leas – red and black. Sandstone, buying in Kyiv. You can get a reasonable price for the following positive features of this stone:

  • high decorative properties;
  • long service life;
  • easily processed;
  • needn`t special care;
  • reasonable price;
  • resistant to temperature changes;
  • has good wear resistance;
  • a nonslip surface.

Main properties:

  • the measure strength (compressive) is in the range of 30-100 MPa.
  • the rate of moisture absorption is in the range of 3-6 %;
  • the measure of porosity is in the range of 0.69-6%;
  • will withstand temperatures up to 1700 degrees (this suggests that the stone is fire resistant).

It should be noted that the indices of porosity and strength depend on the content in the rock debris, such as shells, quartz and flint.


The price for sandstone at our website will certainly appreciate you. Nowadays it is actively used as a finishing material. For tiling use limestone (raw flat layers of Sandstone) and “fontanka” (stone with prismatic shape protrusions). We veneer interior walls, fireplaces, staircases and ets. with this stone.

Also, this rock is actively used as aggregate for concrete and mortar. Sandstone is used for the construction of the foundation and walls` masonry. It is often used for paths and fences erection. Nowadays Sandstone is used for manufacturing floor tiles.

Where you can buy it?

You can acquire the sandstone different texture, color and size on the website of Royal Stone company.

We offer foreign and Ukrainian sandstone. We are presented the world owners of the quarries who develop their own quarries and extraction of limestone, stone and blocks of sandstone for many years (over 10 years).

Thanks to our cooperation with these world leaders, you can buy sandstone any texture and color in Kiev for reasonable price.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian quarries don`t use explosive. Stone does not give any chemical processing.

On the website of Royal Stone company, you can buy ready-made sandstone products with perfect geometric dimensions and irregular shape.

We offer products made from sandstone, which are used for finishing and cladding works. It should be noted that this stone is suitable for countertops, bar counters, fireplaces and window sills.