Design products from natural stone



The choice of style

Before starting a new project you need to choose right designer directions. Employees of the RoyalStone company will help you choose the interior style, which is divided into types:

  • classicism – the predominance of straight lines and symmetry;
  • neoclassicism – a combination of rectangular and symmetrical forms with elements simply decor;
  • high-tech – the combination of glass and metal with modern minimalism;
  • antique – imitation of the ancient style of the ancient world;
  • modern – the presence of smooth, oval lines, a flattering natural materials;
  • postmodern – mix of styles and types of decor;
  • romance – is the combination of green areas and natural stone with the participation of landscape forms;
  • baroque imitation of the pomp of the eighteenth century;
  • gothic – blend of contemporary décor with Antiques in an unusual Gothic manner;
  • empire – the harmony of refinement of furniture with restrained decoration.

Often we mix styles together and it gives an unexpected solution. It all depends on personal preferences of the owners. For selected style we match interior and decor.

Selection of natural stone

Our catalog will facilitate the selection of the stone, because there you can see the whole range of rocks, rich in colors and natural pattern. This allows you to completely change the interior, add cosiness and sophistication. You can order from us a preliminary calculation of material consumption and cost. Our professionals deal with each client individually and a more accurate price will be able to call after I receive the data from the measurer.


  1. Prepared a sketch that shows the selected style and products made of natural stone in the interior.
  2. Create a model of the premises based on the obtained measurements.
  3. Obtained the consent of the customer. At this part we connect the engineers who work with models of buildings in 3D prototype. Computer will give you a General idea about placement in the interior of goods from rocks and also shows the future image of the surface. Designers simulate day, night and artificial lighting.
  4. Approved optimal project, and work has begun on the creation of drawings. They are sent to manufacturing where masters create products and elements. They remember and use all information and it is allow to choose the perfect thickness and accurately designe the support structure.

All work with the stone being on our powerful industrial complex. We do not work with intermediaries, which allows our customers to get quality products and services at the best price. The company will install designed and manufactured products on time. We employ skilled craftsmen with deep knowledge of the rock.

We have implemented projects for various companies, government institutions, private homes and cottages. We are waiting for your orders. And you become owners of a special luxury, hidden in the stone.

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