Marble tile

Choosing the material for cladding internal and external works, it is necessary to be guided not only by the criteria of beauty, but also practicality. One of the most reliable solutions is the marble tile which has a luxurious natural beauty and a number of useful properties. This natural stone has a unique natural pattern, giving any room a respectable look and a noble coziness. If you consider the high level of environmental friendliness of this material, then marble becomes simply an indispensable variant for cladding.

Marble tile is a natural luxury in the interior

Marble tile is more times greater than any other artificial or even natural material (except granite).

This rock demonstrates a unique balance of beauty and practicality. Among the advantages of a marble stone are:

  • strength and durability;
  • high aesthetic value;
  • a variety of textures and shades;
  • resistance to mechanical damage.

Natural marble tile texture which strikes imagination with its varied beauty. It can give any house or public building a noble and respectable look.

Where is the marble tile used?

First of all, marble serves as a luxurious and lasting floor. Such flooring you can often see in theaters and various public institutions. This material, also, is great for decorating private or country houses. However, many owners consider that a tile made of marble stone is too expensive pleasure. At the same time preference is given to expensive parquet or wooden floors, which eventually will break down. Marble floor is a promising and profitable investment into durable beauty that will last for decades. Asking the question, how much does the marble tile cost, firstly we must think about the long-term perspective and profitability of the material. Moreover, you can buy a cheaper variant of the marble floor cladding- to cover an inexpensive stone floor with marble parquet. Of course, more reliable is the floor of solid slabs.

This material is often used for walls finishing. All sorts of natural shades of this noble stone can decorate any interior, bringing an atmosphere of luxury and natural beauty.

Marble tile is popular for fireplace decoration. Such hearth is able to decorate the office, library, and reception, room in the suburban possessions or hunting house.

This material is great for cladding the kitchen countertops and window sills. The surface of the stone will withstand a cut with a knife and will not absorb greasy stains.

The wide scope of natural marble stone is explained by its functionality and simple maintenance. From the surface of the stone, you can wash any stains, ashes, ash, grease, etc. For this, it is enough to wipe the plates with a cloth dampened in soapy water. Marble makes available any creative ideas that can be realized in a harmonious interior.

What influence on the cost of the tile made of marble?

Many consumers wonder: “How much does the marble tile cost?”. First of all, it depends on the type of marble and the way it is extracted. The method of quarrying depends on the cost of equipment, machinery, method of processing, manual labor. Hence a certain extra charge is formed. Therefore, ordering a marble tile, you should ask how the rock was extracted.

We note the most popular rock extraction methods:

  1. The extraction of stone by explosion of the massif;
  2. Use of air rupture of rock (excavation);
  3. Technology of cutting the rocks with the use of stone cutting equipment.

Explosion is the cheapest variant and marble stone which was extracted in this way has the most affordable price. But the quality of such a product is doubtful due to the strong probability of flaw and damage which causes a stone separating from a common massif.

A product made of such material may have cracks and chips. They can be grind, but with time the problem will be opened.

The air burst is the best value for money. The risk of getting a flaw is reduced to a minimum.

The cut is the most expensive method and is used mainly by European countries. The product is actually perfect, but very expensive.