Marble panel

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Marble mosaic is the art of highlighting the key points in the interior

Natural stone is the most reliable and durable material with excellent decorative characteristics. Its properties have been known and appreciated for many centuries, as evidenced by the unique facing compositions, various workpieces and marble panels preserved to this day. The most vivid and original representatives of mosaic art are Florentine and Roman samples. Up to date, marble is actively used in the construction industry, as well as for interior or exterior decoration. Today’s masters perform such artistic works no less virtuously than their predecessors.

Marble panel production

Marble always was considered an elite material. Things made of this wonderful material are capable of giving aristocratic and luxurious features to any room. Exquisite vases and candlesticks, a mantelpiece and countertops – all this creates an atmosphere of luxury and nobility. Marble panel can be considered a true piece of art, which deserves special attention.

Any stone is distinguished by a unique textural pattern created by nature itself, and this feature is one of the most important. The master should use all his competence and skills to strengthen the natural configuration of the stone without damaging its pattern. Innovative methods and techniques allow us to perform the most delicate work to create a marble panel. Samples of semi-finished marble are given any shape and different color combinations. This technology is used for floor and wall decorations. Sometimes the marble panel performs the role of a separate product, which complements other interior items.

During the mosaic creation stone fragments with different shapes, sizes and colors are used. To manufacture such a complex thing, modern water jet technology is used, which gives accurate results.

If you are interested in an inexpensive marble panel, the price may vary depending on the complexity of the pattern and works. For costs reasons, the pattern can be selected in the catalog proposed by the company. Such a solution is optimal for those for whom the pattern does not have a crucial significance. In addition, the work on the finished sketch runs much faster. However, if the client wants, it is possible to develop a unique mosaic composition that will become a platform for the realization of any creative intentions.

It bears reminding that marble has excellent performance characteristics, among which are:

  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • durability;

It is worth mentioning that the high aesthetic value of marble, which has a special glance and reflecting ability. Workpieces made of this material are especially luxurious under the sun’s rays.

Mosaic panel in the interior

This solution is perfect for original design projects and for restaurant and hotel decoration. Mosaic decor is widely used in the design of apartments and private residences. As a rule, mosaic panels are ordered by people with a consummate sense of style and beauty.

Where such a decor can be used?

Primarily, the mosaic looks wonderful in bathrooms. An attractive stone composition can occupy the entire wall or some part of it. Similar traditional styles are often used in bathrooms.

Also, quite popular is the decor of mirrors using marble mosaic. An excellent solution will be the artistic facing of furniture and chimney place.

Marble panel technology is also used for exterior decoration. For example, many cottages are decorated with all sorts of architectural elements, such as mosaics (vases, balls, etc.).