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Ukrainian Granite or Import granite is a special stone that is able to convey its natural beauty to any product, including the fireplace. Fireplace represents home, gives comfort and warmth. His appearance transformed the whole interior of the room, and the room will become a favorite place for the whole family. In Kiev facing fireplace with high quality granite can make the RoyalStone company. It gives them sophistication and luxury.

Fireplaces features

Fireplaces made from natural granite have special properties:

  • heat resistance – they withstand high temperatures without damage to appearance;
  • the reliability and durability – their finish cannot be damaged;
  • environmental security – the granite does not emit toxic substances and harmless to your health;
  • longevity and durability – products will last for decades.

Granite fireplaces are cleaned from dust and dirt easy wet cloth. Periodically they need to be treated with special fluid for the natural stone products. Polish fluid will give the surface shine and provide fireplace from the dust and dirt.

Portal for the fireplace made of granite is unique, because natural picture is unique. The carvers create the decor, given the color and texture of the stone. Sometimes they tell designers original findings and unusual solutions. The design elements necessary to make a logical completeness.

This piece of furniture will emphasize the success of their masters and will become a worthy decoration of a country house. Our craftsmen perform the fireplaces on any of the thumbnails and create portals of various designs:

  • tiled – performed in the style of Ukrainian furnaces;
  • the wall portal is installed close to the wall, saving space;
  • island – fireplaces can be in the middle of the room;
  • the corner – are embedded in the corner of the room.

Facing granite fireplaces can have any form. It can be performed in aristocratic English style or sophisticated French. At the request of the customer in his home may receive a source of heat, similar to the Ukrainian folk k or Italian hearth. The surfaces of the plates is given a different texture from the mirror polishing and simulated rusticated stone.

Our advantages

We have our own manufacturing. This allows us to work without intermediaries, to adhere the optimal price and expand the range of cladding and decorative finishing. We buy granite slabs from reliable suppliers directly from quarries. In catalog there are presented samples of all the shades with a unique natural pattern and special texture pattern of granites.

Granite fireplace portal refines the interior. It will become the center of attention of the guests, because it looks original, fashionable and elegant. Our specialists gained considerable experience, allowing you to create high-quality masonry fireplaces, which will not have any problems during the using. We comply with all fire safety measures. And after delivery we give advices for owners, what measures must be observed to prevent the fire.