Our company specialize in manufacturing of high quality natural stones .

Production includes the manufacturing of all architectural and design elements for the home, garden, villas, offices, private residential and not public buildings.

We make such elements:

If you plan to order products from a natural stone and you want that your order is delivered really high quality, the product serve long and reliably, then your choice about the manufacturer must be approached with an understanding of the seriousness of the choice. The choice of the manufacturer is the guarantor of the quality for future product. It should be a company with very positive reputation, with extensive experience, the company staff should be qualified and knowledgeable professionals, we provide services and manufacturing goods must be high quality, materials production – relevant norms and standards.

Our pricing policy is our trump card, because we have our own material bases and own manufacturing. This suggests that we are able to establish competitive prices that do not include payments for intermediaries.

The “RoyalStone” company has a wealth of experience and delivery of large objects, large-scale orders. We can show you all the photos personally and you will certainly ensure quality, time-tested. Due to the presence of a variety of modern equipment, use of latest innovative technology, constant retraining of personnel, we conduct facing and restoration work of any complexity. A full range of services, speedy execution with high quality of work, execution of orders of any complexity, a huge resource base, production, installation – and that’s not all our advantages!

Make Your house really bright and modern, emphasize your individuality, taste and of course enjoy the advantage of natural stone is in the interior of your home, and our professionals will certainly help you!

We offer a number of advantages:

Direct deliveries of natural stone from Asia and Europe. In Kyiv we have own manufacturing with the new high-precision equipment and professional craftsmen. At the stock you can find a rich selection of material. We are using only innovation technologies in the processing of natural stone. We guarantee high quality standards and deadlines. Affordable prices and the search for mutual compromise. Willingness to work with orders of any complexity and volume. The professionalism and competence of employees who are ready to help, answer questions and resolve your ideas.