Marble polishing

It is great decision to return former beauty to any product .

Over time the surface of marble products appear minor damage and dull the original luster. Marble polishing in Kiev from the RoyalStone company will remove minor damage and renew the surface of natural stone. The procedure is performed by experienced workers using polishing and grinding equipment and special agents which protects the surface from the appearance of microcracks.

Such work requires certain skills and knowledge of the structure of the stone, so it is better to entrust it to professionals. Improper cleaning agents can damage the product. There are chips and cracks that need to be addressed only through the restoration or application of the grinding. To evaluate the extent of your injuries and product updates can only a specialist.

Methods of polishing and grinding

For polishing marble, our professionals use sophisticated and expensive equipment and products containing natural beeswax and a special varnish. They rubbed into the surface simultaneously with the leveling of the surface, sealing cracks and other irregularities, to protect the surface from moisture and increase its strength. Such a result cannot be achieved by resorting to home remedies. The bathrooms often performed floor polishing, marble.

Polishing of marble is not less important than polishing. It is effective for chips, cracks and other problems with the stone, polishing act only on the surface layer. This produces a mirror surface, and disappear suture combination.

  • To clean up hard to reach areas our craftsmen apply grinding wheels and discs.
  • For smooth surfaces ‒ face and profile milling.
  • Before polishing or grinding marble is processed by special adhesive composition. It fills the space between the seams, small defects, thereby smoothing the surface.

After professional treatment to the owners by themselves to support the result. In sale there are all kinds of polishes. For Paul it is better to use tools with an antiskid effect. To maintain protection from scratches and moisture with the help of the crystallizer. The choice of tool depends on the type of marble and the degree of polishing.

Order this service

Grinding and polishing stone in Kiev from our masters will reveal the beauty of marble, giving it a well-groomed appearance. These products are not cheap, they need appropriate care (see more about products from marble…) Untidy stains and scratches surface shows that owner is not at its best times. The procedure of bringing the marble in the procedure will not take much time, but after that, the product will sparkle in a new way.

Please contact us and we guarantee that you will like the result. If it is necessary we can carry out restoration products to restore the lost part, to put in a breakaway fragment. It is nothing impossible for our masters. You are not discover any bonding and seams. Everything is done at a high professional level, using modern tools.