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Unique marble mosaic (Kyiv) made by the RoyalStone company is a game of natural stone in all its variety of colors. Unusual colored elements create luxury panels on the level of paintings. In addition, we make art made flooring and walls with delicate drawings. They will emphasize the respectability of the house.

This design is often used for bathrooms, baths in the Turkish style and pools. Stone ornaments cover the facades of country houses, verandas. They decorated the office premises of reputable organizations, lobby business centers, hotels. The surface of the mosaic stone can be any texture ‒ matte or glossy. It looks very impressive imitation of the antique, as well as rude is actually happening.

Types and advantages

Marble panels divided into two groups:

  • one consists of certain parts having a simple geometric shape. Usually this decoration is used to create patterns with a common rapport;
  • the second are handmade from different pieces, pick up the sketch and color, so it is more difficult to perform and is more related to full-fledged paintings. These products are manufactured to order.

Stone mosaic will bring a unique beauty to the interior and at the same time emphasize the success of their owners. The rooms are decorated with Moroccan and Indian motifs, felt the comfort and splendor of Oriental palaces. Bathrooms, basins and baths made from light marble with figures and ornaments are similar to the ancient Greek baths. Openwork floor covering from marble will replace the carpets with their originality and saturation of the picture. But unlike carpet it doesn’t need changing.

The advantages of this refined decor are confirmed thousands of years history of its using and properties of precious stone.

  1. Marble supple to handle and cut, thereby individual plates of different colors with accuracy adjusted to each other.
  2. The variety of colors allows you to put any ornament and pattern. (catalog colors)…
  3. Marble panels of the mosaic will last unchanged for many years, as it mounts using modern adhesive base in Italy.
  4. To caring you need to use special polishes and regular non-abrasive dishwashing.
  5. Although marble is a stable rock, it is not necessary to apply the patterns for the designing of facades and landscaping in areas with severe climate. In spite of impregnation with special compounds, is a sensitive coating may be affected due to the severe frosts and sudden thaws, as it consists of many individual elements.

Our proposals

Our craftsmen are able to decorate the mosaic tiles smooth surface and also a relief. This is done quickly and accurately thanks to the special technique of matrices. Small elements are mounted on mesh carrier substrate, which is movable and follows the contours of the relief surface. Large marble panels are assembled by hand from individual panels, and then single surfaces take its rightful place on the wall or on the floor.

Our company works not only with the finished sketches we can offer you our designs read more about mosaic design…. Together with our customers we determined the future panels and made a small snippet for clarity. After its approval, the picture is going to completely divided into fragments for easy transporting and transported to the house, office or other place. Experienced craftsmen, of our company set the product in a right place.