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The ROYALSTONE company offers granite steps, made from high-quality slabs with the use of modern processing methods. These stone products will fit into any interior. There are a wide range of colors. Polishing granite is made with the knowledge of the structure of these heterogeneous rocks. That will give the degrees of durability and beauty.

Price for granite stairs is affordable to everyone. Also they look pompous. They are used to decorate the main entrance or the stairs inside the building. They will provide the rigor and solemnity of the lobby, making a wide or a spiral staircase with granite railing. Decorative and carved steps from stone will become a good designer solution.

Why granite steps so good?

Natural granite gives the product its special characteristics, some of which do not occur in other materials. Therefore, steps of this stone use persistent demand.

  1. Granite hardness makes these stairs durable and reliable. The percentage of minerals of the stone depends on the quality of the stone. We work with select quarries supplying high-grade rock, so our products meet all the necessary requirements of this type of product.
  2. The steps offered by our masters read more about manufacturing… , are wear-resistant and look like new for a long time. These products are purchased once and for all. They are paid because they do not require frequent replacement and reconstruction.
  3. Granite products are resistant to moisture. The plate can have a so-called “capillaries”, because their structure is heterogeneous. But this problem is solved by processing plates solostaran compounds that seal cracks, invisible to the eye.
  4. Granite gives the surface a touch of nobility and luxury. Therefore, steps perfectly combine with rich decoration and expensive stone railings or balustrades. It conjures up associations with ancient palaces or the front rooms of wealthy estates. Park track will be supplemented with the steps, which will last for years, regardless of cold, heat and precipitation.


We start work after agreement all points with the customer. Our consultants will advise you a suitable granite. Price for which depends on complexity of artistic treatment and the structure of the stone. Our managers will prepare a draft read more about designing… , which will include sketches, a list of upcoming work, quantity of material and the cost of the final result.

We are proud of our team. It has rich experience and knowledge of the art of woodcarving. They carried out many projects, which are presented in our portfolio. Make an order with us and your house will be transformed with a stylish and exquisite granite steps in Kiev!