Ukrainian stone

Ukrainian stone: Sandstone, labradorite, gabbro

Ukraine is famous for its huge amount of granite quarries. Especially popular are granite such as gabbro and labradorite. This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian granite (catalogue of natural stones is presented on our website) is characterized by the presence of saturated bright colors.

On our site you can purchase natural stone, the price and quality will certainly surprise you. In our catalog you will find gabbro, labradorite, sandstone and other natural stones, characterized by durability, wear resistance and the presence of unique colors.

Advantages of granite: labradorite (Ukraine), gabbro

The advantages of Ukrainian stone:

  • strength and durability (coarse-grained granite is retained in its original form for 200-350 years);
  • wear resistance;
  • resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature extremes;
  • unique look (the piece of granite looks expensive and elegant).

You should know that the Ukrainian stone easily restored and polished.

The peculiarities of Ukrainian granite

Main activity of the company RoyalStone is a manufacturing granite products. Working with this stone, our professionals take into account:

  • from hitting a hard surface may crack, therefore some types of granite reinforced;
  • resistance to elevated temperatures allows the use of this stone for fireplaces;
  • granite is resistant to alkalis and acids;
  • there are micropores, that means that breed is hygroscopic;

The RoyalStone company works with all the granite quarries, located on the territory of Ukraine. Every quarry present unique in color and beauty stone.

Here you can purchase granite (Ukraine), the price of which is acceptable.

Gabbro (Ukraine)

Gabbro (Ukraine) is a strong black or dark green rock. Texture: striped, spotted. This stone is used in construction and covering works. Suitable for interior and exterior cladding of various structures and buildings. Often this breed is used for paving, Park/garden paths. For such purposes use gabbro in the form of paving.


This rock is a semi-precious stone with a unique iridescent shine and polished surface. It is used as a facing material and for making various products.

Bar counters, countertops, window sills, steps from this stone and other products manufacturing in RoyalStone company look perfect – rich and respectable.


This stone is actively used for facade cladding, interior surfaces. In the landscape it is used for paving, construction of fencing and other. This rock is also used for making architectural elements, statues, sculptures. On the website of the RoyalStone company you will find a wide selection of granite at reasonable prices. We also produce shaped products according to customer’s sketches or provide options.