чистка мраморных полов

Cleaning marble and granite

The most durable floor covering is made from natural stone. Often it is used granite or marble.

Granite/marble needs regular cleaning. To extend the life of the product from natural stone, and keep its original appearance, you need to properly care for it.

Cleaning marble/granite: features

Cleaning marble/granite implies approach with the use of special tools. However, it should be noted that not all compounds can be used to clean floor coverings of natural stone.

Under the ban are:

  • vinegar and other preparations containing acid;
  • abrasive products (cleaning marble with the use of such compounds will damage the surface);
  • chemical compositions.

For cleaning surfaces made of natural stone suitable: warm water, soft sponge and soap solution.

Cleaning of granite/marble is a time-consuming process that requires a professional approach. Leave the job to experts of the company RoyalStone and cleaning of marble/granite in Kiev will be carried out at the highest level.

Cleaning granite/marble: technology

Cleaning granite/marble implies execution of the following works:

  1. Removal of local surface contamination. All work is carried out at this stage manually.
  2. Using a vacuum treatment remove sand and dust from the pores of natural stone.
  3. Uniform distribution of chemicals (not have a detrimental impact on natural stone) on the surface by use of the polisher.
  4. The rotary surface cleaning machine with the use of pads.
  5. With the help of a vacuum cleaner to clean surface dirt and previously applied chemicals.
  6. The sink surface. For this purpose, the most system and for spin mops.
  7. At the final stage the surface is applied a transparent layer that protects the stone and increases its contrast and depth of light.

You need clean products from stone at least two/three times a year. This is necessary not only to maintain the hygienic condition of the premises, but also to extend the operating life of the coating.

Cleaning is also necessary to preserve the attractive appearance of the floor covering for many years. The fact that marble is a porous material – over time, the dirt clogged in the pores and spoils the appearance.

RoyalStone –specialist approach

In our wide range of services also includes the cleaning of granite and marble. We have been successfully provided services on professional level for cleaning floor coverings of natural stone for many years.

We have a wide range of quality chemicals (from trusted brands), is designed to care for marble and granite.

We also have modern equipment (floor polishers, vacuum cleaners), which is necessary to perform quality cleaning of the surface.

In our company work employees studied for cleaning surfaces made from natural stones.