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Marble design

Marble design in Kiev from the RoyalStone company is a harmony of great skilled carvers with the unique beauty of natural stone. The birth of the figure from the rock requires precision, artistic talent and skills of sculpture. We create statues of people, animals and other marble products for parks or gardens in full accordance with the sketches, and it requires hard work.

In our catalogue there is a breed for the production of products for any interior.

  1. The richness of colors allows create decorative figures. For example, figures with the same color of the front of the fireplace and shelves. Natural colors, smooth changes of tonalities and finely drawn clarity of the embossed lines give the product a unique charm.
  2. White marble will decorate bathroom with charming decor. This will emphasize the respectability of the owners and will give your bath look like antique French kings boudoir.
  3. Small delicate figurines will be a great addition to hallor bedroom. Gilding on relief will give them a luxurious look. These products may have a practical function – to support the table top or window sills, to serve as supports for a coffee table, or hold the lampshade.
  4. Marble sculptures adorn the landscape. Their soft inner glow attracts attention. Figures closely match the poses of humans or animals, create the illusion of life frozen in stone.

Decor can be easily dry and wet clean. Use polishes will return to them a novelty. They are not afraid of moisture. In addition, the products withstand extremes of temperature, and this means that the composition is resistant to cracks and scratches. They will delight you for many years with unfading beauty.

Natural marble is soft and pliable. It makes to do different design ideas. We work not only with the sketches. Our specialists at painting and drawing will develop their own versions of the design if it needed. We implement ready-made pieces, we offer a wide range. It is possible to ensure the professionalism and skill of our cutters, who have a fine taste, creating such unique works of art.

You can also buy garden sculptures: marble benches, fountains and steps for tracks. Made in the same style and color, they will enrich the beauty of the park, and give him the grace and will impress guests. Project will allow to find the optimal arrangement and save money, as we give discounts.

We carry out installation exactly on time. In our work we use modern equipment, special fixing mixtures and Italian production that can reliably capture all the elements. All products are made from high quality marble which has no expiration date.