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Limestone is a stone which can be found on romantic white Mediterranean villas in Greece, France or Spain. This building material appeared one of the first in the history of mankind.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock which is produced in special units. Limestone has lower density than granite or marble, and much easier in processing. Limestone is the most popular material which widely used in decoration or construction work.

Using limestone were constructed the Pyramids in Egypt, the arc de Triomphe in Paris. The stone has bright colors with natural stains from shells, minerals and other ancient fossils.

Properties of limestone

Limestone is able to maintain the color and shade for many years. In addition, limestone has the following useful properties:

  • If it is contaminated – we can easily polish and recover it.
  • After the time is not erased.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Indoors significantly reduces the level of dust.
  • The material is environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Has durability.

The walls and floors from limestone are able to breathe or absorb moisture the air and prevent the accumulation of moisture inside and mold to grow. This material is completely hypoallergenic and maintains the natural humidity balance in the room.

The advantages of limestone

Limestone Kiev has the following numerous advantages:

  • Resistance to frost and low temperatures.
  • Increased strength and functionality.
  • Does not lose its original properties even after all this time
  • Not afraid high temperatures.
  • Under the action of ultraviolet light strength characteristics only increase.

The use of limestone

Limestone has wide application, it is popular in modern construction and decoration. Limestone is used in the following areas:

  • Floor and wall covering.
  • Cladding of facades.
  • Equipment fireplaces or swimming pools.
  • Carved fireplaces.
  • Tiles.
  • Columns of any height and eaves.

Limestone has many positive properties that make it popular in construction. The composition of the material includes iodine and salts, which are released into the atmosphere. This feature makes the indoor air always fresh and full of helpful connections.

Another important advantage of limestone is the low level of radiation. It is much lower even than that of concrete or brick. Limestone is fully approved for use during construction or finishing works. His indicators don’t exceed the overall data for accepted norms of radiation, and such radiation may be emitted from the human body.

During heating with increasing temperature significantly improves the strength of the limestone. Complete decomposition of limestone is observed at temperatures of 900 degrees. Slabs of limestone can be tiled on the fireplaces and stoves. After this procedure, the products acquire an elegant and original appearance.