The secrets of granite

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Natural granite is used as a finishing material from immemorial times. Manufacturing of products from this stone ‒ the main activity of the RoyalStone company. Granite manufacturing is a complex and time-consuming process requiring sophisticated technology. Stone refers to rock of igneous origin, its structure is heterogeneous and consists of a mixture of feldspar and quartz. Therefore, the processing of granite requires expertise and knowledge held by our masters.

In the manufacture of granite we take into account its features:

  • from hitting a hard surface may crack, therefore some types of granite reinforced;
  • resistance to elevated temperatures allows the use of this stone for fireplaces;
  • granite is resistant to alkalis and acids;
  • there are micropores, that means that breed is hygroscopic, which are sealed with polyester resin in the polishing process;
  • granite is not radioactive, the radiation intensity is confirmed by a certificate of radioactive safety.


Granite differs in structure, appearance and density. We work with all the granite quarries, almost completely covering the geography of Ukraine.

Every granite quarry supplying the stone in a unique color and beauty. For example, red granite, mined in Leznikovsky granite quarry, is considered the most durable. Its beauty is mesmerizing, but processing requires a lot of effort. Not every master will undertake to work with it. With the proper approach and patience masters give birth to real masterpieces.

Products and services

Granite products make the interior luxury. Our company produces and offers to purchase the following products:

  • paving;
  • countertops;
  • sills;
  • stage;
  • stairs;
  • floors;
  • plate;
  • curbs;
  • balusters;
  • columns;
  • railings;
  • fences.

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