Travertine : what is it and its application in the interior

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In modern houses, people often use materials that blend perfectly with the overall interior design. Travertine is one of those materials that is used in different ways, and will always look beautiful.

Travertine is used absolutely everywhere, from the walls of the bathroom and back panels in the kitchen finishing the pool. In addition, this material was used during buiding the Roman Coliseum.

Travertine – what it is?

Travertine is a crossing form from the limestone into marble. The transformation is carried out under high pressure and for many years. Being the prototype of the limestone to marble, travertine is composed of calcium carbonate. The facade of travertine looks stylish and impressive.

With its extraordinary texture, this material similar to the honeycomb of irregular shape or the desert where the sand raised by waves from the wind. The stone has a low hardness and easily cut circular saw. It has a density of 1400-1800 kg per cubic meter.

However, the strength is also improving with time. Travertine interacts with the air, from which the surface is compacted. As a rule, products: travertine sedimentary rocks over time, only acquire reinforcing properties. The material does not absorb moisture and is resistant to temperature extremes.

Where we can use the travertine

Calcareous material has high strength and perfectly treatable, so it used in various fields:

  • On the walls of prestigious hotels and public residences.
  • On windowsills, tabletops, reception.
  • Veneer exteriors of buildings, for example, plinths, facades, exterior staircases.
  • Facing the interiors of buildings, for example, the walls of travertine, fireplaces, floors, doorways.
  • For the manufacture of countertops, cabinets, window sills, profiled products as the cladding elements of the architecture.

Travertine has a relatively low cost and looks much warmer. Stone has a pleasant vanilla-yellowish hue, and sunlight will create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

During veneer arches or steps, is often used travertine rough treatment, not full grinding. Thus, the master allocate the naturalness of the stone and its natural origin, and the travertine tiles looks elegant.

This material gives places the unfinished, but stylish appearance. Travertine Kiev is a popular material for paving or bathrooms. Unlike marble, it does not slip.

Travertine – add naturalness to your design!

Often in the construction used cementю But tumbled travertine is much more resistant to aggressive media. The porous structure allows you to fill cells with a solution. Some varieties of the rock are similar to a tree, so perfectly combined with different materials and furniture.

We offer travertine in Kiev at an attractive cost. The material has high reliability, strength and durability. Warm colors give the interior of your home comfort and warmth and create a pleasant atmosphere.