Granite floors
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The granite floor in Kiev (producing by ROYALSTONE company) – is a beautiful and stylish cover that emphasizes the high social status of their owners. We can lay such floors. Our experienced craftsmen have completed many projects, results you can find in the portfolio. These works are decorated with large office spaces, business centers, restaurants, country houses and cottages.

The rich decoration of the premises will sparkle in a new way, if it will beautify the stone floor, made of precious rocks. Granite slabs have different color and an abstract pattern caused by nature. Therefore, floor mosaic, made from this material looks luxurious and elegant. If you want to choose the right stone, you need to have special knowledge and skills.

Decoration luxury homes, town houses and office space is demanded the combination of eco-friendly materials with aesthetics. Natural stone used as finishing material, looks decent and gives the space presentable view. Well-chosen outdoor granite from Kiev that our company offers will turn into a mosaic with the unique beauty of the ornament. The intensity of its color pattern depends on the ratio of minerals that are formed during the period of rock formation.


Floors made from granite slabs ‒ a unique coating, with a number of features inherent only to this rock:

  • it is practical because it does not require special care. It is enough to conduct regular wet cleaning. Food dyes, acids and alkalis safe for the surface of the floor. It is resistant to mechanical damage, is not afraid of moisture and high temperature;
  • it refreshes the interior, fills it with beauty of color and unusual pattern. These floors are associated with the decoration of the Palace halls;
  • long using life, because these floors cannot be damaged. ROYALSTONE company from Kiev offers polishing of granite from the conducted according to the rules. We follow the technology of processing plates with solostaran. That allows to achieve a stable result ‒ floor for many years, will shine like a mirror for many years. read more about polished…

We work with granite from highest-quality Ukrainian and foreign quarries. The range of goods offered rich color palette and variety of natural patterns. This contributes to the creation of mosaic surfaces, made in different styles. Safety of goods is confirmed by certificate.

Ordering granite floor

To own granite floor is become prestigious. Successful people buy it to emphasize their position in society. In addition to prestige, granite floor brings comfort and coziness to the room, where it is pleasant to be in. Such positive energy have all natural materials.

Our company is laid the floor after all calculations ( load on the floor decks). Unfortunately, not all buildings can withstand the weight of a granite floor, and this factor is taken into account first. Our specialists will recommend the best material selection and after agreeing on the details will begin to reveal plates according to the sketches. At the end, you will get one of the best flooring for years!