The gabbro stone in the house

Gabbro is an igneous rock consisting of essential minerals, but also there could be acidic or ore minerals. In appearance the gabbro resembles granite. But they vary with their composition. The main difference is the absence quartz in gabbro. It simplifies its processing. The price for gabbro can vary. It depends on its location and compound.

Stone gabbro: properties and applications

The properties of gabbro make it an excellent material for outdoor use, for example, outer wall cladding and paving and sidewalks. Stone gabbro frost-resistant(grade F100), durable, moistureproof (0,01–0,14% absorption), its porosity is near 0.68 percent. Gabbro stone is easily sawn into required size and it is amenable to treatment. We can polish the surface to a glossy shine. The colors of the stone are mostly dark: black, gray, green and black.

For homes lining use tiles with thickness from 2 to 5 centimeters. They can be polished and with natural texture. For parks, squares and pavements arrangement using paving stone gabbro. Its tiles have a thickness not less than 5 cm and often their size 10*10 cm. Such paving are used for a long time due to the natural properties of the stone path. The paving surface can be chipped, sawn, treated by thermal method or polished. Polished looks nice, but it`s impractical, as after a rain polished stone will be slippery.

Ukrainian gabbro is available for private building is also used in the saunas, hammams and baths. Its resistance to extreme temperatures allows without difficulties to construct buildings of this kind. Also in the private building it is used for fences, both external and internal facing of walls of houses. The average length of service of the stone is 1000 years.

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