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Marble walls

Walls made from precious rock are unique. RoyalStone company offers facing with marble in Kiev, ensures a reliable finishing that will last for many years and emphasize the aristocratic respectability cottage or country house. Our own manufacturing ensures excellent quality of the material. The rich color of marble tiles allows you to choose any option for different style.

Features of the walls from shining stone

Marble walls have characteristics that distinguish it from the walls, made from other materials.

  1. The ability to reflect light gives the surface a soft matte glow, so in another way, this stone is called “shining”.
  2. The lack in structure of boards of impurities of chemical origin provides facilities environmental safety.
  3. Marble veneer is reliable and with proper care can last for years. All material undergoes water repellency treatment, which protects the wall from absorbing moisture. Treated with special impregnation, they get additional strength and protection from mechanical damage.
  4. Walls withstand high temperatures.

More often it is popular the marble of light tones for bathrooms and Turkish baths. With patterned cladding boards we create for these areas, any style, of which the most popular is Greek. Stone walls do not absorb moisture and serve as an original decoration, causing the pride of their owners. They emit peace and tranquility than strengthen psychological health.

A variety of textures

Our specialists use modern methods of processing of stone slabs, so the marble walls looks like high art. In the request of the client we can give them any texture:

  • matt marble surface looks natural, and there are no traces of processing that emphasizes the natural beauty of the walls;
  • the roughness and the roughness obtained by grinding, are showy on the surface of the light rocks;
  • marble polishing, providing a mirror finish, brings out the natural texture and pattern of the stone;
  • the relief structure obtained by bucharding or spot treat and gives a slight negligence;
  • old plaque, achieved by sandblasting, looks noble;
  • the effect of the wall, built of rough-hewn rocks, is achieved by the application of puncture treatment.

We also offer marble flooring that will give the space a unified style. We work according to customer’s sketches of any complexity or develop their own versions. (read more about the design...) We suggest to see the presented samples. The specialists of our company listen the interests of customers and select the best options for the material. Here you will get answers to all your questions.