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Dolomite (also called wild stone) is a mineral that is actively used as a finishing material for interior and exterior surfaces.

The mineral was named in honor of engineer and geologist D. Dolomieu. However, it is known that dolomite began to be used much earlier in Ancient Russia. Masters used the stone in temples building.

The use of natural stone nowadays

Dolomite is nowadays widely used in different industry sectors. It has the attractive appearance and luster, this mineral is popular with designers and jewelers. Polished mineral with bright lights is often used in different jewelry (earrings, bracelets and not only).

The mineral is used in metallurgy, industry and construction. A mixtures based on gypsum, contain of dolomite.

This stone is used in facing of facades and internal furnish of houses.

The mineral is often used for fireplaces.

It is also applied in landscape design. Walkways, steps are made from the dolomite..

The stone is easy to handle, which enables to produce elements of different shapes and configurations for the gardens, home gardens, and also for finishing interiors.

For several centuries from wild stone were created sculptures, many of which are architectural masterpieces.

The pros

Wild stone/dolomite has many advantages;

  • mineral tolerates heavy loads. In connection with which it is often used as a floor covering in areas with heavy traffic of people, for example, in museums, theatres, shopping/entertainment centers and other;
  • it is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, so often this stone is used as exterior cladding walls;
  • throughout the period of operation retains its original, attractive appearance.

The undeniable advantages also include easy processing.

The presence of the original pattern and warm color palette gives the facing buildings elegance and respectability.

The presence of impurities in the composition of the dolomite determines its color. It can be red, beige, yellow, pink, white, and not only.

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